One Shot, One Kill – First show!

[ITA] E’ finalmente giunto il momento di presentarci non solo virtualmente ma anche fisicamente!
E quale miglior modo, se non insieme ai nostri amici Shardana e ai potenti LOSA, Sabato 4 Maggio sul palco della CuevaRock Live per una serata bomba all’insegna del metal estremo? 💀

“Grin in Fear is the grin that deforms your face when you are scared; the grin is the altered image that you use as a defense, to dissimulate your dismay with a grimace.
The grin is a mask that hides our thoughts and our feelings, one of the many masks we all wear in our life.. because what is living among other people, but wearing the right mask at the right time?”

🗓4 MAGGIO 2018 CuevaRock – Save the Date! 💣

Stay tuned & Put Your Mask On!