Italian band based in Cagliari – Sardinia.
Grin in Fear was born between 2017 and 2018, from the meeting of musicians coming back to Sardinia after their experience around the world.

After a few months of research and line-up changes, the band solidifies: Sara Mei on vocals, Ambra Deagostini (Blind Horizon) and Eros Melis (Holy Martyr, Irreverence) on guitars, Gino Cirina on bass and Marco Scafidi (Blind Horizon) on drums.

Single “Put Your Mask On” was released in demo version, registered to the Ferox Rec Studio, on July 2019. The single receives many positive feedback and is broadcast in various national and international (US) web radios between 2019 and 2020

In the first half of 2020 the collaboration between Gino and the band ends: Gino is thus replaced by Maristella Spanu.

Grin in Fear plays Melodic Death Thrash Metal and is rooted in the swedish melodic death metal scene: bands like At The Gates and The Haunted are our main influences.

Grin in Fear is the grin that deforms your face when you are scared; the grin is the altered image that you use as a defense, to dissimulate your dismay with a grimace.
The grin is a mask that hides our thoughts and our feelings, one of the many masks we all wear in our life.. because what is living among other people, but wearing the right mask at the right time?

Current line-up

Sara Mei – Vocals
Ambra Deagostini – Guitars
Eros Melis – Guitars & Back Vocals
Maristella Spanu – Bass
Marco Scafidi – Drums